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Welcome to
Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Article of the Now

The Man, the Legend.

Hunter S. Thompson was a noted IRL troll and the lulziest journalist of all time. Rumor has it that he died doing what he loved: screaming his tits off as imaginary pink elephants ate his liver.

Born in Louisville, Kentukkky at the age of 45, Hunter distinguished himself with his early alcoholism, drug abuse and criminal activity. Jobless, and having little to no foothold in reality, Hunter took to journalism to pay for his massive drug addictions. By writing his articles while completely off his tits, he inadvertently stumbled upon a winning style of lulzy writing he liked to call "Gonzo Journalism", though others preferred the more descriptive "Whacked-out Stream of Consciousness Ravings".

What have I missed?
Valentine's Day Massacre
2 days ago
4 days ago
6 days ago

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Quote of the Now

REEE IM AN ATTACK HELICOPTER = your literal argument
Explain exactly how this sub isn't just another bigoted hateful nazi anti-trans circlejerk when you might aswell have literally copypasta'd the attack helicopter bullshit there



u/superstr8_are_nazis shitting himself over some obvious troll on the SuperStraight subreddit

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