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Allah.gif ZOMBIE GUNNER.gifWelcome to the Gaming portal! SQUID GUNNER.gif
Typical gameplay.

Super GAME OVER is a shitty SNES videogame made by Capcom. It is THE HARDEST game ever made and is guaranteed to mindfuck any sane person who attempts to beat it, even on easy mode. The game is an upgraded version of Ghouls 'n Ghosts with retarded features like double jump for noobs who can't play without air control and whine when confronted to real hardcore arcade because Capcom wanted to take advantage of all the retards who actually spent $70 USD on every version of Street Fighter II.

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This page is a centralized resource for everything related to gaming. Whether it be consoles, games, or virgins who drain their lives obsessing over them, add it here. If you want to put some gaming-related article into this portal's spotlight, nothing is stopping your lazy ass from featuring it yourself. The same goes for media, in that case use this one.


All work and no play makes Crab a dull boy.
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